Souvenirs from the Azores

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What are the souvenirs from the Azores that won’t occupy a lot of space in your luggage?

Or even no space. Moreover, you can take these souvenirs from the Azores wherever you go. Wherever life leads you.

I’ve prepared a list for you. I limited it to five items, but remember that this list doesn’t really have an end. You can add as many items as you can only imagine. So, shall we begin?

Azory Terceira Monte Brasil

1. Slower pace.

In the Azores life goes on at its own pace. When you go to a bar, a waiter will serve you only after having finished a conversation with a friend. Do you mind? Sit comfortable and inhale the smell of coffee and peace. Accept the reality as it is. Time goes slowly on the island and the interpersonal relationships are much more important here than business.

If you switch on a flight mode, slow down a bit and let the island reality reorder your priorities – I can guarantee you that you will save a pleasant dose of the holiday freeness after having come back to the earth.

2. A memory of the ubiquitous greenery and sunsets over the ocean.

The Azores are green. On 8 out of 9 islands of the archipelago there is a million shades of green. We owe it to high humidity and a big amount of rain. Yes, you’re reading correctly – this rain that can surprise you in every season the year is a direct reason of the breathtaking views of the fields and forests as from the scenery of “The Lord of the Rings”. The purest relief for the eyes and the heart.

And the sunsets… There are never too many sunsets. One is enough for you to create a memory which will warm your heart. And each next will make the feeling stronger. Sometimes you may feel longing, but it’s worth longing such sunsets.

Terceira zachód słońca

3. Flavour of fresh fish and sea food.

Flavours are one of the souvenirs that stay with us for long years. Delicious codfish (a Portuguese national dish), grilled squids, freshly caught lapas (limpets) or boca negra (blackbelly rosefish) won’t let you forget about them. And if you add to them an octopus, cracas (not sure of an English name, probably barnacles – check their appearance at the photo below) and local tuna – you may not want to eat fish and sea food in any other place until the end of life. Maybe it’s not the best forecast for the future, but an experience – one of a kind.

Lapas - skałoczepy

4. Ocean.

No, I’m not recommending packing the ocean into a backpack. But to take with you a soothing touch of water cuddling the whole body. To take its salty taste. A view of the waves crashing against the black volcanic rocks. A sound of the always alive, always flowing water. Ocean means life. Life for the marine fauna and flora, life for us. From your holidays take a bit of life with you!

Azory Terceira ocean

5. Energy to start a new day.

Regardless of the circumstances. Regardless of the plans. Of following them or making another revolution in your day.

In the Azores the weather changes very often. Not without a reason there’s a saying that in the Azores you can have 4 seasons in one day. When it starts raining, nobody starts crying that they have to change their plans because of it. They just do it. And start a new activity with new energy.

And it transfers to life. Changes of weather in the Azores can show you that it’s worth making plans but it’s not worth worrying when they don’t work out. It’s enough to stop for a new and make new ones. And start a new day with new energy. Or sometimes start a new phase of your life. Because if we already have a life, we’d better live it well. Even if it’s raining.

There are my souvenirs from the Azores.

The same that I brought from my first visit in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The same that I take with me whenever I’m leaving this place. They are with me. They help me live and enjoy life.

These are the souvenirs from the Azores, which are in abundance for everybody. You just need to open your eyes and heart. There’s more than meets the eye.

Have a good day! Have good memories!

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