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Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2024-02-02. Autor: Milena

My world turned upside down. Within a few days.

My world turned upside down. Within a few days. And then it regularly placed itself in this position, making it clear to me that there was no return to what had been before.

The coronavirus has affected us all. We stay at home if we can, we go to work if we have to. Some are worried about health, others about work, and others about how to feed their families. Someone is working like a horse to keep a company and their employees. Someone is looking inside themselves and using time to grow and be with loved ones. Someone else thinks that we’re all hypochondriacs and that we just need to strengthen our immunity. We all face the quarantine challenges. (And we are in a really privileged position, if we were quarantined at all. There are countries where heads of state say that business must operate regardless of the situation.)

And I’m struggling with my world turning upside down

Until recently, we had a carnival on the island and some of my friends came dressed as a coronavirus. And I talked about my plans related to establishing a tourism company. I’ve been working on it intensively for a year, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot longer. I wanted to show you Terceira live. To invite you to my paradise. I have the holidays, all the trips around the island, everything carefully planned. I know which elements can be rearranged in time, what to do when it starts to rain.

I have started cooperation with travel agencies to prepare together the best offer for you. And cooperation with local companies to offer you the most interesting activities with the best ones in their fields. I began to study information about the island again, to tell you about it even better. I was preparing small things that were supposed to make you smile. It made me happy to answer your first questions about trips to Terceira. Everything was checked, corrected, I was glad that everything was ready. That I’ve manached to tied up loose ends.

And here came the coronavirus and everything is upside down now

In April I was about to open a company and start a business. I won’t do it. I can’t. Opening a travel company at this point would be suicide. I won’t go into details, but if I don’t open the company right now, I don’t know when I’ll be able to do it.

It cost me a lot to decide not to open a business. After all, it was my dream, it was my plan, it was my promise given to you. And in the current situation this is not feasible. And in addition, nobody knows how long this situation will last. Weeks? Months? A year or two? And when will tourism be back on its feet again? When will people start traveling again without fear for themselves and for those to whom they are flying? Are month enough or will we count it in years?

It took me a few days to get used to the idea that I was saying goodbye to my dream

A few days and many tears. I am not very pragmatic, I rather think that if you want to, you can. But there are situations when you can’t. And when you need to choose wisely. When it’s more important to just survive the difficult time.

My friends comfort me saying that I don’t say goodbye to my dream, I just put it off for later. And I know they are right. I know that I will still be here for you, that I will continue to talk about the island and show it to you closely. And I hope that in some time (may it be as short as possible) everything will calm down. That you will be able to come here and I will be able to show you the island live. As I planned, as we all planned.

For now, everything is turned upside down

I feel a little weak and it makes me dizzy. But you never know – maybe from this perspective we will see something more interesting? One day at a time – and we will soon find out.

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