What to do in Terceira in July 2019?

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What do do in Terceira in July 2019? First of all, switch on the offline mode and rest!

Enjoy the nature, swim in the ocean, see 10 places worth visiting in Terceira, visit Algar do Carvão, go for some Donas Amélias… But if you prefer a different kind of entertainment, that’s what Terceira can offer you in July:

1. Festivals, days of the villages, etc.

• Semana cultural dos Biscoitos

Cultural week of Biscoitos – festival in Biscoitos consisting of concerts, parades, numerous workshops and lots of tascas, i.e. food and drink stalls (including Bamboule – a tasca with pizza which I told you about during the Sanjoaninas)
13-20.07., Biscoitos, area of the natural swimming pools and camping area

• Festas do Porto Judeu

Festivities of the village Porto Judeu; concerts, parades, tascas; for dance lovers – on the 17th of July there’s a night of kizomba
12-20.07., Porto Judeu

• Festa Branca

„White party” – you have to come in white clothes and good mood; DJ, snacks, entertainment
20.07., 8 p.m. – Angra do Heroísmo, historical center: Pátio da Alfândega, Rua de São João, Rua Direita

2. Concerts:

• Tom Hamilton Trio

British guitarist Tom Hamilton and two musicians from Terceira: Paulo Cunha on bass and Duarte Silva on drums. Concerts every day at 10 p.m.
18.07. – Campo dos Barreiros, Porto Judeu
19.07. – Pátio da Alfândega, Angra do Heroísmo
20.07. – A minha casa, Angra do Heroísmo
21.07. – RockFest, Praia da Vitória
26.07. – Festas da Guarita, Angra do Heroísmo
27.07. – Delman Bar, Praia da Vitória
31.07. – Festas de São Sebastião

• João da Ilha

A presentation of a new album of an artist from Terceira. I showed you fragments of his concerts on the instastories from Sanjoaninas, you may find them on my profile on the Instagram
14.07., 10 p.m., Largo de São Bento, Angra do Heroísmo

• A night with classical music in the garden

A concert of classical music in the municipal garden in Angra
12.07., 9 p.m., Jardim Duque da Terceira, Angra do Heroísmo

• António Palma, Ouve o Meu Anjo

António Palma was born in Lisbon, and from 25 years he’s been living in Terceira. On a daily basis an ophthalmologist, but apart from that – a music lover who wants to express love without prejudice with a help of instruments typical to fado and especially selected lyrics.
13.07., 9:30 p.m., Teatro Angrense, Angra do Heroísmo
Entrance: 5 EUR; tickets HERE

• Sundays with music

A concert on historical organs from 1788, made by Afonso Xavier Machado e Cerveira
14.07. and 21.07., 11:00-12:00 a.m., Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Guia, Angra do Heroísmo

• Hortênsia Music Festival

Violin, viola and cello
31.07., 8 p.m., Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho, Câmara Municipal, Angra do Heroísmo

3. Exhibitions

• Exhibition/market of handicrafts

Handicrafts made on Terceira São Miguel
18 and 21.07., 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Pátio da Alfândega, Angra do Heroísmo
19 and 20.07., 2 p.m. – 00 a.m., Pátio da Alfândega, Angra do Heroísmo

• Exhibition of ceramics and plant fibers – Exposição Residência Criativa 2019 – Cerâmica e Fibras Vegetais

A combination of traditional ways of processing materials used in Terceira and the Cape Verde Islands with the modern scientific knowledge
Until 28.07., 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Museu De Angra Do Heroísmo

• An exhibition of drawings No Princípio era a Voz

Drawings from the lectures of José Agostinho, a specialist in the area of meteorology, seismology and biology. Authors of the drawings: Manuel Martins and Ana Beatriz Ávila
Since 22.07. 9 a.m. until 30.09. 5 p.m., Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional Luís da Silva Ribeiro, Angra do Heroísmo

• An exhibition of graphic arts of a Polish artist living in Portugal, Joanna Łątka – “Μετέωρα – no meio do céu”

An exhibition inspired by Meteora in Greece
8-18.07., 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m. – 6 p.m., Instituto Açoriano de Cultura, Angra do Heroísmo

4. Theater plays

• A bit of history of Terceira – O País que Cabia na Ilha: Intrigas de Angra em Tempo de Afonso VI

Fragments of history of Terceira shown in theater sketches, which you could also see on my instastories from the Sanjoaninas on my account on the Instagram
23.07., 9:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m., Museu de Angra do Heroísmo

What to do in Terceira in July 2019?

• Rubra flor da fajã – Retratos de Mulher

A project „Women’s portraits”, during which you can learn about important women who were born in the Azores
13.07., 3 p.m. – Biblioteca de Museu de Angra do Heroísmo
13.07., 7 p.m. – A Minha casa, Angra do Heroísmo

5. Library on the beach

Since the 8th of July until the 30th of August, from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on the beach Prainha in Angra there will be a library booth open. Free! It’s worth making use of!

6. Sports

• PADI – Dia de mergulho da mulher

A company Arraia Divers is celebrating Women’s Dive Day and because of that offers all diving women lower prices.
20.07., 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Arraia Divers, Angra do Heroísmo

• Angra By Night

Periodic event, runners admire the World Heritage city and the nature (Monte Brasil, the municipal garden)
13.07., 10 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Regulations HERE, enrolment: +351 295 217 523 or terceira@fpatletismo.org

• Prova da Salga 2019

Relay and individual runs; beginning: Baía da Salga (Salga Bay) in Porto Judeu, finish: Fortaleza (fortress) de São João Baptista w Angrze
20.07., 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Enrolment until 17.07. by e-mail: ramalho.arg@mail.exercito.pt

7. Alcatra’s festivity – Rodízios De Alcatras

First edition; 4 types of alcatra (a typical dish from Terceira), 4 side dishes, dessert; good occasion to get to know local flavours
19.07., 8 p.m., restaurant Pedregulho, São Mateus

8. Tourada à corda

Bull runs take place during the whole summer. What it looks like, you may read in my article Tourada à corda, and here you have the schedule of them: HERE.

Of course, one can keep on talking what to do in Terceira in July 2019.

I was trying to choose things that could be interesting for you and are free or very cheap. Please, let me know if such articles are interesting for you and if I should continue writing them. If so – which events are of your interest? I write this blog for you, so I want you to make the most use of it.

See you on the island!

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