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Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2020-04-22. Autor: Milena

Go to the Azores and turn on a flight mode. Rest.

The Azores are a good place to rest. The proximity of nature makes you forget about the rest of the world. Especially when you’re in a flight mode.

Yesterday, on the trail, I turned on flight mode on my phone. A friend once recommended it to me as a mode that saves battery life. When I’m in the middle of the forest, no one will call me anyway. It was a wonderful feeling. Soak up nature, soak up contact with people. Not worrying about anything – just being.

Today I went swimming with my friends. Water had 18 degrees – like the Baltic Sea in summer. I dug up my swimsuit and headed for the adventure. When I was in the water, I realized that we really have December. In Poland there’s winter, here it’s a day that the most beautiful summer wouldn’t be ashamed of. I thought life was beautiful.

Contrary to what seems to some, I am not on eternal vacation. But I draw on nature and the Portuguese way of understanding the world, and I learn balance.

I learn resting. I learn taking my small private vacation as often as I need it. It’s as important as eating and breathing.

And it’s not about going as far as possible – although if someone wants to go to Terceira, of course I invite you. It’s about freeing your mind. Allow yourself to be here and now. Without worrying about what happened or did not happen, and without fear of what will happen or will not happen. Stay here and now – and appreciate the moment.

Because we only have this moment. And we only have this life.

Depending on beliefs, we may have life after death or subsequent incarnations. But at the moment we have only this one.

We have a specific reality, specific events. If instead of getting nervous about them – let’s start drawing on handfuls of them, our mental health will be grateful to us.

And if we smile at the people around us, maybe they’ll smile back at you. And the day will get better.

Shall we try?

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